Enjoy our handpicked selection of tourist attractions that showcase Sariska's breathtaking wildlife and its remarkable heritage.



Siliserh Lake

The lake has a fusion of astounding beauty and architectural charisma. It is embellished with arched cenotaphs and a regal palace. The palace not only adds to the beauty of Sariska but also shows the devotion of Maharaja Vinay Singh to his wife Queen Shila for whom the palace was built in 1845 AD.
Distance from Resort: 17 Km





The place has said to be blessed by the Goddess Harshat Mata and has its own spectacular temple devoted to her. Dances like Ghoomar and Kalbelia are popular here depicting its cultural life. The place is also known for the largest step well in India aka Chand Baori. Despite being so massive and archaic the step well still has exquisite carvings and artistic structures built inside and around the well.
Distance from Resort: 62 Km




On the border of Sariska is India's most famous and world renowned ghost city. Bhangarh is certified as one of the most haunted places in India, its reputation stems from two legends one of which is that a holy man cursed Bhangarh and anyone who would step within the premises between sunset and sunrise (night) would not come out alive. It is one of India's must places to visit only if one has the courage to do so.
Distance from Resort: 67 Km



Ajabgarh Fort

Ajabgarh was founded by Ajab Singh, the son of Chhatr Singh. It expanded its territory by force in 1720 after the Mughal Empire became weaker and Aurangzeb died. The fort depicts the famous ruins and popular legends that add to the mystique of the fort. One can simply also go to the top of the fort to enjoy the panoramic view of the surroundings and see the exact locations mentioned in the legends.
Distance from Resort: 55 Km




Neelkanth temple

The temple is structured with one of the most appealing and delicate forms of architecture. The walls, the roof and the entrances of the temple have intricate carvings that depict the methodological stories of Lord Shiva for which the temple was built. The temple has a natural spring that releases holy water, the sacred Shivlinga that emits holy energy and a gigantic papal tree that is presumed to fulfill wishes. It is one of India's most unique temple and is visited by thousands all around the year.
Distance from Resort: 48 Km




Kankwari Fort

Like every fort in India this too has a wonderful history but what every fort doesn't have is a location that overlooks an entire national park with scenic views, diversified wildlife and red mud-brick villages. The Kankwari fort has a Mughlai history complimented with a location amidst wildlife.
Distance from Resort: 40 Km




Other than just having a temple devoted to Hanumanji, this location according to legends placed as a battle ground between Lord Hanuman and Bhīma. It is also said to be the renaissance ground of Pandavas. The place has a special charm as it is the most important temple for Hindus, especially those who follow the Monkey God Hanuman.
Distance from Resort: 39 Km



Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary

The finest bird park, the best protection for faunal species, and the utmost lushness that a sanctuary can present is all situated here. It's a world heritage site for UNESCO and serves as a second home to many ornithologists who love to observe migratory bird patterns and their breeding habits. Wildlife enthusiasts claim this place as a must go as it is not only a tourist attraction but also one of the most animal friendly destinations worldwide.
Distance from Resort: 130 Km



Amer Fort

Amber fort stands as a jewel in Jaipur's history. The outside of the fort is built with sharp features and mysterious looks with a lake flowing in front of it to complement its image. Whereas inside the fort you can see traditional intricate decor, elaborate wall paintings, pavilions, etc. showcasing the history of Jaipur through the eras of invasion, royalty and struggle. The fort marks the beginning of Jaipur, which is one of the worlds most brilliantly designed cities.
Distance from Resort: 118 Km