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5 Reasons Why Sariska Should be Your Next Travel Destination

Rajasthan is known as the 'The Land of Kings'. Right from showcasing a variety of cultures to different living styles, Rajasthan has been a famous tourist place in India. There is no bandwidth when it comes to planning a trip to Rajasthan but there surely exists some exclusive top places to visit which will make you fall in love with travelling. Why Sariska should be your next travel destination? Sariska is one of the best retreats in Rajasthan. It is an ideal site to witness wilderness and thrill with so many reasons to plan a trip to Sariska, here is a round-up of top reasons.

Wildlife Safari at Sariska National Park

An adventurous ride over the muddy tracks with the thrill of some amazing wildlife encounters is what a trip to Sariska National Park is all about. Located on the slopes of Aravalli ranges, the park was once the hunting grounds of the maharajas of Alwar. It is stretched in an area of B00 sq. km and was given the title of a tiger reserve under Project Tiger Sariska Tiger Reserve is the first reserve to successfully relocate tigers from Ranthambore National Park. While on a safari at Sariska, one can expect exceptional sightings of hyenas, leopards, spotted deer, jungle cats, nilgai, and more. The park also offers visuals of multiple species of birds such as kingfishers, treepies, eagles, partridges, and more, Sariska should be in your itinerary if planning a weekend getaway trip to Rajasthan.

Where to stay

Trees and Tigers, Sariska: It is a luxury wildlife property near Sariska National Park that offers an authentic jungle vibe without compromising on luxury and comfort. Following sustainable tourism practices, Trees n Tigers has 15 luxury cottages and 5 luxury tents with modern amenities.

The haunting of Bhangarh Fort

Included in the most haunted places of India, the Bhangarh Fort of Rajasthan is a gem of Moghul architecture, it was built by Madha Singh in 1631. Even though it is a historic asset for Rajasthan, the place is firmly believed to be cursed. The spooky story of the fort is built around the story of Sadhu Bhalu Nath and another one around a beautiful princess Ratnavati. The fort is not just famous for its ghost stories but also has archaeological importance. Stone paintings and carvings of ancient men are some of the findings by the archaeologists. The place is strictly prohibited before sunrise and after sunset due to reported paranormal activities. It is strange but true that this might be the only place in India where foreign tourists do not get easy entry. They need to get a special permit to visit the fort. Bhangarh Fort is one famous weekend getaway from Jaipur, Delhi, and other cities

Siliserh Lake

Located 13 km from Alwar and Sariska, Siliserh Lake is a popular tourist destination in Rajasthan, The lake serves as a picnic hub for its beautiful backdrop of Aravalli ranges, 10.5 km stretch of water, cool breeze, and good company. Many tourists visit the lake and enjoy a relaxing time with friends and family. Siliserh Lake also inspires bird photographers to capture water birds resting and feeding in the marshy areas near the bank of the lake. One can also visit Siliserh Lake Palace, here.

Sariska Palace

Sariska Palace cum lodge is an architectural marvel near Sariska Tiger Reserve. Attracting tourists by its regal outlook, the palace was once a royal residence in Alwar. As you enter the palace, get ready to experience a magnificent fusion of French and Indian interiors. The palace offers the utmost luxury to its guests with its lush lawns, yoga, spa, swimming pool, tennis patio, and excellent hospitality. Sariska Palace is one of the most striking stay options in Sariska, Rajasthan.

Pandupol, Hanuman Temple

A mythological abode, Pandupal is believed to be the place of exile of Pandavas Its Hanuman Temple houses a large idol of Lord Hanuman and attracts devotees from across India. The surroundings of the place include a cascading spring, a 40 ft waterfall, lush landscapes, and greenery. Generally believed to be the incarnations of Lord Hanuman, various species of monkeys can also be spotted here. A visit to Pandupol can be a good idea while visiting Sariska Tiger Reserve.

How to reach Sariska

Distance between Sariska and other cities
Jaipur to Sariska - 110 Km
Delhi to Sariska - 200 KIT

The nearest airport to Sariska is Jaipur International Airport. (122 km)
The next nearest airport is Delhi located at a distance of 178km.

Railway Station:
Alwar city has the nearest station to Sariska. The distance between the two is 37 km.

Sariska is an exotic escape from daily chaos. It not only invites adventure seekers but also lets one explore Rajasthani culture, heritage, and people. October to March is considered the best month to plan a trip to Sariska due to the soothing weather conditions amidst the deserted land. To get the best prices, book a vacation with Trees and Tigers Sariska!



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