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Safari in Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve (TATR)

The Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve (TATR) is the oldest and largest national park in the state of Maharashtra. The Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve is located in the Chandrapur district in Maharashtra. The Reserve includes the Tadoba National Park and Andhari Wildlife Sanctuary. It is spread across an area of around 1727 sq. km. of which nearly 625 sq. km. is the core or critical tiger habitat and around 1101 km is the buffer area. If you look at the biogeographical location, the Reserve falls in the Central Plateau of the Deccan Peninsula.

Tadoba's natural beauty extends far beyond its wildlife. The park boasts enchanting landscapes, including meandering rivers, pristine lakes, and undulating hills. While tigers take the spotlight, the park shelters an array of fascinating creatures like leopards, sloth bears, bison etc.

Tadoba National Park is divided into three forest ranges:

  1. Tadoba North Zone/Range – It can be accessed through Navegaon and Kolara gates.

  2. Moharli Zone/Range – It can be accessed through the Moharli and Khutwanda gates.

  3. Kolsa South Zone/Range – It can be accessed through the Zari and Pangadi gates.

These ranges are interconnected and can be covered during a tiger Safari in India from either of their gates. Each of these ranges has core zones and buffer zones.

The core zone of Tadoba has 6 gates and the core zone is the protected demarcated area of the forest department where the natural resources and wildlife are highly conserved and human activity is extremely limited. The buffer zone of Tadoba has 17 gates of entry to the park currently and the buffer zone is the area surrounding or adjoining the Core Zone where conservation takes place along with some limited human activity.


KOLARA ZONE- Kolara Core, Kolara Chauradeo Buffer, Madnapur Buffer, Belara Buffer, Alizanza Buffer, Shirkada Buffer, Palasgaon Buffer

NAVEGAON ZONE- Navegaon Core, Navegaon Ramdegi Buffer, Nimdela Buffer

PANGADI & ZARI ZONE- Pangadi Core, Zari Core, Pangadi Aswal Chuha Buffer,Keslaghat Buffer, Zari Peth Buffer, Mamla Buffer, Somnath Buffer

MOHARLI ZONE - Moharli Core, Khutwanda Core, Agarzari Buffer, Adegaon Buffer, Dewada Buffer, Junona Buffer



EARLY MORNING SAFARI- Getting up early for work is a chore, but starting early in the Bush is a wonder!

AFTERNOON SAFARI - An afternoon game drive takes us to the action rather than expecting it to come to us.

FULL-DAY SAFARI - For most of our guests, their safari highlight is the full-day game drive.



  • Core gates are closed every Tuesday.

  • Buffer gates are closed every Wednesday.

  • Safaris are subject to availability of slots as Core and Buffer Gates bookings are to be confirmed prior i.e. 120 days in advance. Rates vary based on lead time of the booking as well as weekday or weekend criteria.

  • Bookings are non-transferable. No addition/alteration is permissible after confirmed booking.

  • The safari cost includes transport to and from the gates, online booking charges, gypsy charges & local guide fees. All rates are inclusive of Prevalent Government Taxes (GST).

  • Original ID Proof must be shown at the entry gate along with a valid entry permit; otherwise, entry will not be permitted. For Indian Citizens, Aadhar Card, PAN Card, Licence and Passport etc and for Foreign Citizens, only a passport is accepted as ID Proof.

  • Children below the age of 8 years shall be allowed entry free of charge without being mentioned in the booking or permit.

  • As per the forest department rules - Mobile phones are strictly not permitted inside the Tadoba National Park for Safari.

  • Cameras are allowed and note that camera charges are to be paid by the guest at the gate before entry.

  • Refund Policy - The bookings confirmed prior in advance i.e. 60 days and 120 days before cannot be cancelled and no refund is permissible.

  • Cancellation Policy - Cancellation is allowed for bookings done less than 60 days in advance. If the ticket is cancelled more than 15 days before the scheduled date of entry. 50% of the booking amount will be deducted as cancellation charges. No refund/ cancellation is permissible after that.

  • Tatkal booking cannot be cancelled and no refund is permissible.

  • Full-day safari - Only three people are allowed per gypsy for full-day safari. One Online Ticket (Morning / Afternoon Slot) is necessary for full-day safari in core. There is no cancellation policy or refund policy for full-day safari (Zero Refund). Once the permit is generated, no changes are permissible.

  • There is no option for a specific GUIDE/GYPSY. It will be purely as per availability and prevalent roaster system.

  • Last-minute bookings are subject to availability of slots.

  • Safari duration is 4 hours each in both morning and afternoon slots and for full day safari the duration is approximately 12 hours.

  • Safari timings for both morning and afternoon slots vary in accordance with the seasons.

  • Our experienced Resident Naturalist is available on call/per safari for a fee of INR 1500. Our resident naturalist will enhance your safari experience of Tadoba National Park with his knowledge and stories about nature and tigers of Tadoba.


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