Welcome to TREES N TIGERS, TADOBA, a luxury Safari Lodge in the wilderness where your holiday translates to a homecoming. A stunning remote location, close to the Uma river and paddy rice and cotton fields: our safari lodge is the perfect safari destination of Tadoba. Abundant wildlife, luxurious tents including private plunge pools, and timeless hospitality. Immerse yourself in the heart of nature's grandeur at Tadoba Safari Lodge, where every moment is a testament to the untamed beauty of Tadoba. There is no end to exploring when one is at Tadoba National Park near Chandrapur, Maharashtra. Home of the Royal Bengal Tigers, the untamed wilderness of Tadoba is the perfect getaway for thrill seekers, wildlife enthusiasts, and nature lovers. With so much to offer, our ultimate package of raw wilderness experience is just a weekend trip away from Nagpur and Mumbai. Experience the epitome of luxury and comfort at Tadoba Lodge, where the tranquil surroundings and impeccable service ensure a truly unforgettable stay.


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A quaint, beautiful jungle with hilly terrain and undulating landscape, Tadoba offers tiger and wildlife sightings galore. Spread across an expansive landscape of 625.4 sq. km., Tadoba includes the Tadoba National Park, created in the year 1955. The Andhari Wildlife Sanctuary was formed in 1986 and was integrated with the park in 1995 to establish the present Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve. A dry deciduous forest with mostly teak and bamboo trees, Tadoba has a mix of grasslands and dry forests. This type of vegetation allows better visibility throughout the forest and therefore, good sightings. The otherwise dry forest boasts a few lakes and rivers ensuring abundant water sources for the park.

Tadoba Andhari National Park derives its name from God “Tadoba” or “Taru” worshipped by the local tribes. Taru was the brave village chieftain and was killed in a fierce encounter with a tiger. Therefore, a shrine was established in his name. The name Andhari originates from the Andhari River. Gond tribals, predominantly inhabited the region and their descendants continue to live in the local villages. This pristine, wild habitat is located in the Chandrapur district of Maharashtra, also referred to as the Vidarbha region. Connectivity to Tadoba is excellent as it is just a 2-hour drive from Nagpur International Airport. Our Safari Lodge is located near the Kolara gate thereby ensuring a pristine wilderness experience.

Set within the Lodge’s main building is our glass-fronted lounge and dining space with an open-air sundeck overlooking the lily pond view with a pretty sight for watching birds whilst you sit and enjoy every sip of your tea/coffee. The lounge offers an interactive experience where you can learn about the Tadoba National Park’s wildlife, subtle and unusual characteristics and a detailed understanding of the Tadoba’s Map like the area, gates, zones etc. under the guidance of our resident naturalist. Amidst the serene views of our landscape, we invite you to savour the symphony of flavours at our fine Dining Haven. Foodies be ready as our lodge is known for an incredible food experience as every dish here is a celebration of the seasons.

Our lavish safari lodge comprises twelve extremely spacious and luxurious safari tents, each with a double bed and en suite bathroom. Two of these, known as the family tents, comprise two tents joined by a short covered walkway with a shared deck and plunge pool. Each tent faces the untamed wilderness views with plunge pools. All tents are equipped with an air-conditioner, minibar, refrigerator, tea/coffee station, safe locker, bathroom amenities and wooden deck with a plunge pool.

Our safari lodge stays true to our ethos of sustainable tourism while offering outstanding hospitality, in a quaint, yet luxurious abode. The lip-smacking flavours of local and global cuisine promise to satiate the taste buds, as do the enchanting experiences of wildlife and adventure. The absence of neighbouring lodges or thoroughfare creates an ideal setting for a peaceful and reflective time of relaxation and rejuvenation. We also offer our cherished guests experiences like walking safari, birding, exquisite dining etc.

Trees N Tigers, Tadoba has much more to offer than a comfy bed and an excellent safari experience. With different areas to enjoy the beautifully displayed and - even more important - delicious food; breakfast, lunch and dinner are truly a feast. There is even complimentary internet (Wi-Fi) access in the main building of the lodge, however, because of the remote location of the lodge, the wireless connection can be slow and intermittent. Gather around the bonfire at night, exchanging stories of your day in the bush with the other guests.


  • There is a television and various board games in the lounge at the main building of the lodge for entertainment.

  • Depending upon area coverage, there is mobile phone signal. We have connectivity to the Jio & Airtel network at our lodge.

  • There is complimentary internet (WiFi) access in the main camp, however, due to the remote location of the lodge, the wireless connection can be slow and intermittent.

  • Various in-house activities like Walking Safari, Birding, and Exquisite Dining Experiences are tailor-made as per the guest's preferences.

  • As we are located in the wild it is advisable to wear shoes or boots at all times.

  • We avoid the practice of food service in the tents as it may attract unwanted guests like insects, rodents, etc.

  • Our in-house bakery offers a convenient pre-order service and celebratory options for various occasions.

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