At Trees N Tigers, Tadoba, we are deeply committed towards the care of land, wildlife and our local community, promoting responsible and sustainable tourism by following only the most efficient Eco-Sensitive Construction and Management criteria. Hence, our lodge was also built with sustainability in mind, and we continue with the same approach in everything that we do. In fact, in order to preserve our land, not a single tree was cut or harmed during the construction of our lodge. We have put in our best efforts in uplifting the local community, promoting responsible tourism through trade with local suppliers, and providing training and employment to the local youth. Learn more about some of the sustainability initiatives we have implemented at our lodge…



  • As part of our effort in Sustainable Tourism, 90% of our staff are from the Local Village and Community and their hospitality is simple and genuine.

  • Linens and towels are replaced every third day unless otherwise requested by the Guest.

  • Water-efficient landscaping utilising recycled water - Our lodge utilises a full-scale Sewage Treatment Plant (STP), allowing sewage to be recycled into greywater for various uses around our Lodge.

  • Elimination of single-use plastics, including various amenities and water bottles, thanks to the adoption of refillable stainless steel and glass bottles. For example, We provide safe, clean, purified RO water in glass bottles in the tents as we aim to minimise the usage of plastic.

  • A recycling program is in place as we have used our lodge’s construction wood and stone waste to craft pathway lights, study lamps, floor lamps, dustbins, various trays, tissue boxes, toothbrush holders, etc.

  • Locally sourced, sustainable and seasonal organic fruits and vegetables are available and used for the preparation of dishes on the menu.

  • Food waste reduction program in place.

  • Nearly 75% of the items in our Lodge are sourced locally.

  • We also have an in-house bakery, where we bake and serve fresh bread, cookies, muffins, pizza bases, brownies etc.

  • Annual tree planting activities are planned as a genuine effort towards environmental conservation.

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